What our recipients are saying...


" I love my Chemo Angel! I believe she has to be a true Angel. She ALWAYS knows exactly when I need some cheering up! I don't know where you found her, but I want you to know I love her!"




"WOW!!! I don't know how else to say it. Briana's Angel is wonderful!  This has  brightened my entire family in a tremendous way. We  feel so very blessed.  Thank you for making  our days and Briana's so much brighter. It's nice to  know there are so many angels walking among us. My  husband and I hope to join the ranks, once we've  crossed the finish line with Briana, and bless others as we have  been blessed by you." 




"My Chemo Angel is just great. I really enjoy her. She is so awesome and is always there.  Thanks for everything."




"We received two packages in the mail this week for  Gable. He was so  tickled to rip the packages open and find his  surprises! Also, thank you  so much for thinking of Gable on his first birthday- that  was so great. Chemo Angels is such a wonderful program- it really is  uplifting!!! THANKS!"




"Thank you so much for this act of kindness, you all are truly angels, reaching out to others.  May God bless each and everyone of you. You all are in my prayers. Thank you again!"




"Well, when it rains, it pours!! Justin received not  one, but two  packages yesterday! He was so thrilled. We  had a very difficult  day at the doctor's office.  Then, when we arrived at home, there were two boxes  waiting for him. It  was perfect timing! I  couldn't believe how wonderful it was.  Thanks for all of your help!! You made a very tough  day for Justin  quite a bit brighter!!  It seems as if the Angels really are angels.... Justin always seems to receive a card, letter or package on the days when something bad happens. It is almost as if someone "up there" is timing the arrival of the Angel packages! Thanks again for all you and the Angels accomplish, it is truly miraculous!" 




"My Chemo Angel is just that.... an angel! She has been keeping in touch not only with me but with my daughter, who has lupus and is in end  stage renal disease. She has been absolutely wonderful. Thank you for caring..."




"We want to thank you for this amazing program.  When my daughter was first diagnosed, the help and support from family and friends was incredible and sustained us for a long time.  This program is providing for all of us a rays of light, hope,  joy, and motivation to go the distance.  Our Angels are thoughtful, loving and incredibly intuitive to our needs. Thank you for making this program available to families like ours.  It helps us to experience this difficult situation as positive time instead of an unbearable one."
Sandy G


"I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much your program has meant to me and my son, who is a 2 year old battling leukemia. We are so thankful for our chemo angels - they have shared their lives as well as their generosity with us. Thanks again for everything - it makes living in this difficult time a bit easier knowing that people care.  God Bless you."



"My son was signed up with your program until he died.  I wanted to let you know that your organization was the best thing for my son.  If you could have seen his eyes light up when he received things in the mail! You really lit up his life and I wanted to thank you myself. Thank you for all your organization did for him."

Debbie S



"Our Angels are so special to us! We hear from them several times a week. They are precious to us. When we are a little down, in comes a card or gift from them. My grandson really enjoys his "mail". The Angels have brightened his life and ours so much! They are truly Angels. Aside from the cards and gifts, we know that they are out there praying so hard for my grandson, and that means more to us than anything."
Jean D



"I just want to tell you how overwhelmed I was with all the very wonderful sympathy cards, I have even lost count.  I have never felt so loved and cared about and prayed for.  Thank you. It was so wonderful.  They came from all 4 corners of the world, no two cards were the same.  They were all sent with love and a true understanding of the love God put into their hearts to say to me.  I have to admit I miss my husband so much.  He had a twinkle in his eye up to the last.  We were friends all our lives, even went to Sunday school together, and the prom in high school together. He was fifty-nine years old. Thank you for everything the Chemo Angels did for him, and all they continue to do for me."
Nancie H



What our volunteers are saying...


"I was just amazed when I heard of your organization--what an obvious idea, yet I had never heard of anything like it. It's the small things in life that really make a difference--and this is a perfect example."




"Being a Chemo Angel is the most important thing I do, aside from being a mother.... It makes me feel like someone. It makes me feel like I make a difference."




"I just sent my first  package off to my patient yesterday, and I find myself getting all excited just picturing her receiving it! I feel blessed to be touching lives in this very special way. At a time when the world seems to be very bleak, Chemo Angels help to renew the spirit of mankind."




"I feel like there's so much inside of me that's begging to be shared, and Chemo Angels seems the perfect way of setting it all free in a positive way that can really  help people and make their lives at least a little  bit brighter while  they're facing such a difficult time in their lives."

Jennifer Ann



"Being a cancer survivor myself, I really understand the importance of support. I was given a lot of support and compassion from people, and I would love to be able to give some back. Hopefully, I can brighten the day of someone who is going through this ordeal."




"I just completed a 3 month course of difficult chemo this past July and was the recipient of two "angels" (through my church) who called and  sent cards throughout my treatment...I can't tell you how touched I was. One of the things I vowed... if I ever made it through this most difficult time I would  return the kindness I  received and help someone else in similar need. When I  read about the Chemo Angels program, it seemed the perfect vehicle."




"What interests me most about the concept of Chemo Angels is giving something  back to others. Several members of my own family have been stricken with cancer, and I just want to be able to help in some way. I think it's important that we not take our own health for granted, and that we should be  thankful we are even able to contribute something  to others who are in need. I look forward to working with Chemo Angels, and I sincerely feel as though this is the right volunteering choice for me." 




"When I saw your ad it just bounced right up off the screen at me. I have had such wonderful friends  who have helped me during my illness and I know how much it means to just receive a card when you're going  through treatments. If I can help in this very small way, then I am repaying the kindness  that has been shown me."




"I learned of your organization just this week. What a wonderful way to add some  "pick-me-up's" to chemotherapy patients lives! They  may get a lot of love and  support from their families, but this would let them  know that someone else  in the world cares also. And for those who do not have a strong support system while going thru chemo, this would be a wonderful way to let them  know that someone is in  "their corner", so to speak."  




"When I read about the Chemo Angel program, my heart felt very, very heavy. I feel that this is something that God has directed me towards. I feel that if I make someone's life a little better just by being there for them, being their friend, sounding board, etc, that I am doing part of God's work.  I  feel that, in being a Chemo Angel, I am showing someone that there are people  who care, and  that they are not going through this alone."





"Chemo Angels has been a wonderful 'project' for me. It has helped me to reconcile the death of my Mother. I KNOW that the pleasure that I receive far outweighs what my patient says it means to her. I sometimes secretly wonder if I don't do this for me more than I do it for her. She has been so appreciative of the little that I do. Many, many thanks for this wonderful program."




"Before I found Chemo Angels I was lost. Lost in my own little world. Lost in my inability to overcome the sadness of this disease enough to help others. I belonged to a special group of cancer patients when I was diagnosed. We met every Tuesday night for dinner in a local restaurant. There were 6 of us. 3 were finished with treatment and were there to encourage the other 3. The three of us finished  treatment the same month and I bought 3 plants for each of us to symbolize new life. Unfortunately the other 2 ladies only had a short reprieve. They died within 12 hrs of each other... Ever since then I had not been able to get involved with anyone with cancer. I could not handle the intense sadness I was feeling. I believe I found Chemo Angels just in time. I am opening up again. Thank you, Chemo Angels, now I can again talk about it and be involved with helping others with cancer."