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Special Assignment Angel Application


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Special Assignment Angel! Volunteers who have been assiged to a recipient for at least three months are eligible to become a Special Assignment Angel. Please read the below rules carefully, then fill out the application below the rules. Special Assignments are sent out via our Special Assignment IO Group. You will receive an invitation to join this IO Group. Please accept the invitation. Special Assignments will then be sent directly to your email address through the IO Group.


* Do not share the Special Assignments that come to you with ANYONE. Think of the info sent as "For Your Eyes Only". Do not give out Special Assignment info to friends, family, church members, other support groups or other Angels.  Do not share Special Assignment info with anyone at all. 


* You will receive a few Special Assignment emails each week. You are not required to respond to any of them, but we hope you will respond to at least 1 per week. It is up to you. You can respond to all of them or none of them. 


* Every Special Assignment is a one-time-only thing. You send something only once. If you send more than once you run the risk of sending to someone after they have passed away.


* You can send a card, a note, a letter, or a small gift. That is your choice.


* You do not need to let us know which assignments you send to.


* Do not refer directly to someone's bad prognosis. 


* Always include your return address. Please make sure that your full name and address are clearly marked on the outside of your packages/envelopes. Your return address should include your full name, not just "Angel Jane", etc.  


* Please clearly mark your envelopes/packages as being from a ChemoAngel.


* Never send anything anonymously.


* Please respond to the special assignments in a timely manner. Many of the recipients are extremely ill.  Many special assignments are time sensitive. Two weeks from the date of the assignment is the cut-off point for sending, unless otherwise stated.


* NEVER EVER include a stamped, self addressed envelope in what you send! This places expectations upon the recipient.


* Do not send homemade food items.


* Unless a religion or spiritual preference is mentioned in the info you receive, never send religious items or notes to recipients.


* Please remember that all special assignments are optional. You are free to respond to as few or as many as you wish.


* If a special assignment comes through and the address is close to you, please do not make personal contact with the family/patient. We do not want to make our recipients feel uncomfortable or invade their privacy in any way.


* NEVER mention any of your personal problems/health problems/etc to the special assignment recipients.  Our "job" is to send them encouragement and cheerful good wishes.


* If something you send to a Special Assignment is returned to you by the postal system, please notify ChemoAngels administration as soon as possible.


* If you find that being a part of the Special Assignment mailing list is not for you, please notify ChemoAngels administration and we will be happy to unsubscribe you.

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