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Chemo Angels - A Wonderful Organization

Kristy Stevens-Young

Seattle Examiner


My mother died of cancer. Sadly, she battled and survived breast cancer only to find out the next year that she had cancer in her colon as well. But it was during her chemo for her breast cancer that we found the most amazing organization: Chemo Angels.


These wonderful people match up cancer patients and “chemo angels.” Anyone who has gone through chemo, or watched a loved one going through it, has seen what a horrible toll it takes. The patient can suffer many different side effects including, but not limited to, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, weakness, hair loss and unending fatigue.


Since none of our family (expect one dear Aunt) lived in the same state, my Mom was alone a lot of the treatment. She had her cat (who brought her great companionship) but she had already stopped going out and seeing people. And we knew once the treatments started she would be alone even more.


She always loved getting cards and calls from her friends so we knew we had a perfect match when we stumbled upon Chemo Angels! If they could find her an angel who had gone through the same thing she was going through, my Mom could gain strength from her words and cards. 


As soon as she was starting chemo, she had her very own chemo angel. She would write my Mom and not only tell her about her journey but also about her life afterwards. Her grandchildren’s visits, her garden and even her cat: she sent a letter every week and my Mom would look forward to getting every one. A bit later, she got a second angel and this one also sent little gifts such as inspirational books and funny little holiday gifts. They both really lifted her spirits.


We watched as my Mom went from a strong, independent woman to a weak, scared, hairless one who always tried to stay optimistic. She was tired, had trouble keeping food down and lost all her hair. Through it all she got strength from her family, friends and her angels. Both of these wonderful women (or angels) touched my Mom very deeply.


I can’t say enough about this wonderful organization. I urge anyone who is going through chemo to get an angel, and anyone who can become an angel to do so. You don’t need to have had cancer to be one and the impact you will have is so important. PLEASE consider visiting their website,, and check out ways you can help support them.

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