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If your buddy has been removed from the program

We do our best to make the mandatory monthly check-in as easy as possible for our recipients. We send two email reminders each month, and if we receive no response to them we send a postal reminder as well. We also send via email and postal mail to a recipient's contact person if we are unable to reach the recipient. However, we do need to remove a recipient from our program if we are unable to reach either the recipient or their contact person for more than two months.


A removed buddy can happen to even the very best of Angels. It is not a reflection on your Angeling at all. It does not mean that your efforts were not appreciated.

When a patient or senior is removed from our program, we notify them immediately. We rarely receive a response.


You can send a last card or letter to your removed buddy to say goodbye, if you wish.

You are welcome to continue sending to your removed buddy, however you would be doing so outside of the ChemoAngels/SeniorAngels program. We suggest you continue to send only if you receive regular direct contact from the person. This is not normally the case.


If you would like to apply for a new patient or senior, PLEASE CLICK HERE.


If you would like to take a break from Angeling but not leave the program, just use the above link when you are ready for a new assignment.


If you would like to resign from the program, PLEASE CLICK HERE.



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