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Encouraging Books for People with Cancer

Following is a selection of encouraging books for people with cancer. Click on any of the titles to view the entire description.


Here and Now        (Elena Dorfman)

Here and Now is a collection of narratives from men, women, and children of various ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds who describe their cancer and the ways they coped (or didn't) with a life-altering diagnosis. The portraits are unflinchingly direct, from the graphic descriptions of the cancers themselves to the straightforward reactions to it. 


My Detour on Life's Highway        (Rosemary Champagne)

The story of a Stem Cell Transplant Survivor. After several years of traditional treatment, it was determined that a relatively new procedure where healthy stem cells, harvested from the body, was Champagne's best chance for survival. This book is her courageous story of treatment and recovery. 


The Breast Cancer Book of Strength and Courage          (Ernie Md Bodai)

Bodai teams up with freelance writer Panneton to offer uplifting tales of women who faced mastectomies, radiation and chemotherapy with courage, humor and grace. Personal essays and reminiscences run the gamut from funny to wise to heart breaking. 


Ovarian Cancer Journeys          (Ayala Miron)

Women of ages 17 to 78 join to tell their true stories. Find out about the lessons they have learned along their ovarian cancer journeys; from symptoms to diagnosis, trough treatments, and survival. 


Body & Soul          (Jean Karotkin)

Through its moving profiles and photographs, Body & Soul connects readers with seventy photos of women whose inner strength heightens their outer beauty. Capturing moments of laughter and joy, attitude and pride, determination and dignity, the book provides an inspiring and original look at a critically important concern for millions of women.


Crossing Divides: A Couple's Story of Cancer, Hope, and Hiking Montana's Continental Divide        (Scott Bischke)

A couple's story of cancer, hope, and hiking Montana's Continental Divide. This book proves that focusing on each day, and just putting one foot in front of the other, can get you to your goal. It's a ray of sunshine and a boost of hope for us all. 


Uplift: Secrets from the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer Survivors     (Barbara Delinsky)

Secrets from the Sisterhood of Breast Cancer Survivors. Uplift is an inspiring collection of voices of breast cancer survivors. The author, a survivor herself, presents inspirational snippets from more than 300 women sharing breast cancer tips and experiences.


Portraits of Hope         (Marcia Stevens Sherill)

52 inspirational stories of strength. "Whether you're one-reasted, two-breasted, or no-breasted, it's a two-fisted fight," says former congresswoman Bella Abzug in this inspirational and motivational book-and-journal set. It includes touching passages from both male and female breast cancer survivors, as well as women who've had prophylactic mastectomies. 


Chicken Soup for the Surviving Soul         (Jack Canfield)

More than 100 cancer survivors share their personal stories in this touching new collection of Chicken Soup. These heartwarming accounts of courageous people who found the power to battle cancer in their endless hope, unwavering faith and steadfast determination will inspire you to adopt a positive attitude, discover faith and cherish every moment. 


I Beat Cancer: 50 People Tell You How They Did It        (Awarness Publishing)

This unique book contains 50 inspiring stories, all of them written by the cancer survivors themselves. The stories cover all ages, many types of cancer and numerous treatments, mostly focusing on alternative methods. 


Breaking the Silence: Inspirational Stories of Black Cancer Survivors        (Karin Stanford)

Cancer survivors, their family members, and their friends will find comfort in these inspirational stories told by black cancer patients. Covering every facet of the disease as it affects a person's life, including diagnosis, treatment, family involvement, spiritual strength, and healing, these stories, poems, journal entries, and letters address such complex issues as coping with the shock and dealing with emotions. 


Same Song, Second Verse          (Betty Toben Warden)

"I laughed, I cried, I couldn't put it down!" This book is an intimate account of the author's two bouts of breast cancer, the second time just one year after the first. Now, she shares that profound experience with humor and poignancy to help others face their own trials. 


Not Just One in Eight         (Barbara F. Stevens)

"Breast cancer is not a one-person diagnosis," writes author Barbara F. Stevens. "It is a family diagnosis. Stevens , a breast cancer survivor whose mother also had breast cancer, interviewed 300 breast cancer survivors and their families to learn the personal truth about this disease. 

B.O.O.B.S.          (Ann Kempner Fisher)

A Bunch of Outrageous Breast Cancer Survivors, B.O.O.B.S., tell their stories of courage, hope and healing. Some of them are wives and mothers, and great grandmothers; some are single, some divorced. They have different religious backgrounds, different occupations, different lifestyles, different values, and different treatments. 


A Spiritual Journey through Breast Cancer         (Judy Asti)

Breast cancer affects million of women. Author Judy Asti has been there and survived with her faith not only intact, but stronger than ever. In her book, she shares her compelling story of how her crises of cancer led her into a relationship of total reliance upon Jesus Christ. 

Bald in the Land of Big Hair       (Joni Rodgers)

Joni Rodgers was a married mom of two, former stage actor, radio personality and aspiring author when she was diagnosed with lymphoma. Force to endure the trials of chemotherapy, the resulting illness, weight gain and loss of hair, Joni went down the road of hardship and came back a new woman. 




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