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Informative Books on Treatment

Following is a selection of informative books for people with cancer. Click on any of the titles to view the entire description.


The Chemotherapy & Radiation Therapy Survival Guide         (Judith McKay)

Written by two nurses who understand the questions patients have before and during chemotherapy or radiation therapy, this book is very easy to read but does not skimp on technical details when necessary. The chapters cover basics about treatment, how to deal with side effects, getting good nutrition, support, and bone-marrow transplants.


When Cancer Comes        (Don Hawkins)

When Cancer Comes helps the patient and his family mobilize the proper physical, emotional, and spiritual resources to meet the challenge of one of life's most feared and misunderstood diseases. Candid and easy to understand, it maps out the essentials for the fight, including how to choose a doctor, what medical terms mean, how to manage pain and beat depression, and more.


Brain Tumors: Leaving the Garden of Eden         (Paul M. Zeltzer)

A  survival guide to diagnosis, learning the basics, and finding your medical team. This is a good book for anyone who needs to understand the complexity of diagnosis of a brain tumor. It will give you facts to help you or a family member make intelligent decisions when faced with this medical diagnosis. 


The Complete Cancer Survival Guide         (Peter Teeley)

Everything you need to know and where to go for state-of-the-art treatment of the 25 most common forms of cancer. 


Informed Decisions       (Harmone Eyre)

Covering all types of cancer in general terms, this tome from the American Cancer Society discusses detection, diagnosis, and treatment in five parts. Throughout, the information is presented logically, clearly, and in a visually accessible manner, with copious subheads, sidebars, head-notes, and questions to ask the doctor. 


Coming to Terms with Cancer         (Edward H. Laughlin)

Coming to Terms with Cancer is a comprehensive book that defines the many terms you may face as you deal with diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. This easy to use A to Z reference book provides the most concise and accurate definitions for cancer related terms. 



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