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Angeling Policies

Below are the basic Chemo Angels policies. Should you have any problem accepting these policies, please contact us immediately at:


Above all, consistency is the key to good Angeling. If you are unable to fulfill your weekly commitment to your patient, or if you need a substitute Angel for a few weeks, please notify us immediately.

Never share problems, health issues or anything negative with your patient. Patients worry about their Angels, and we are not here to add stress to their lives.

Always clearly mark your packages and envelopes as "Angel Mail".


Do not send "get well" cards or "good luck" cards to patients. We suggest encouragement or friendship cards instead.


Always include your full name and return address.


Please do not just sign your name to a card. Send a bit of yourself! Write about your daily life, what is going on with you ("I finally got the daffodil bulbs in the ground today", "my grandkids are spending the night tonight", etc...), and funny little anecdotes... share your life with your patient and try to give them a few moments escape from their own situation. 


If you have an extremely young patient, direct your cards and notes to the parent/caregiver, and the small gifts to your patient.


Never send money to your patient or their family.


Please notify administration if your patient or their family asks you for money.


Do not send homemade food items.


Please send AT LEAST one card or letter, and a small gift to your patient each and every week. Card Angels should send at least one card or note each week.


If you are angeling a child, please be sure to send age-appropriate gifts.


If possible, try to include your patient's children, siblings, or parents every now and then.


Please respect your patients religion, or lack thereof. Absolutely no evangelizing.


Please do not expect to hear from your patient. Ever.


Please do not stop sending to your patient unless you have been notified to stop by the administration.


Please do not use Chemo Angels as a means of advertising your business or service.


Please do not offer any medical advice whatsoever. You can direct your patient to our website's "Help Desk" section if they are searching for information or resources.



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