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Books on Life after Treatment

Following is a selection of books on life after cancer treatment. Click on any of the titles to view the entire description.


Life after Breast Cancer     (Hester Hill Schnipper)

A common sense guide to life after treatment. Although countless books and pamphlets have been written for women recently diagnosed with breast cancer, little exists for women who have finished their treatment. While many outsiders assume that the end of treatment brings only relief, women who have had breast cancer know that the post-treatment chapter in the breast cancer experience is one of the most difficult.


Hope Lives         (Margit Esser Porter)

The after breast cancer treatment survival handbook. Compiled from hundreds of questionnaires received from all across the country, this book offers wisdom, hope, and inspiration from those who have been there. 


Living Well Beyond Breast Cancer       (Marisa Weiss)

A survivor's guide for when treatment ends and the rest of your life begins. Breast cancer is never completely over. Even when x-rays are negative and doctors proclaim remission, breast-cancer survivors often suffer from continued health problems along with elevated levels of anxiety, and the specter of recurrence is just a small part of the picture. 


After Cancer        (Wendy S. Harpham)

A guide to your new life. Harpham is no stranger to the challenges, physical and emotional, faced by people who have cancer and chemotherapy. In a poignant introduction describing her illness, the author tells of the changes one must confront after treatment. 


Dancing in Limbo          (Jossey Bass)

Making sense of life after cancer. This book is filled with deeply moving, personal insights into the hopes, fears, and triumphs of cancer survivors who have transformed the threat of imminent death into a celebration of life... must reading for all cancer patients, their families friends, and health care providers.


Thriving after Breast Cancer          (Sherry Lebed Davis)

The Lebed Method is a therapeutic exercise and movement program originally established for those with breast cancer to help regain and maintain range of motion, balance - both physically and emotionally - and improve 'frozen shoulder'.




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